Who Is Cliff?

He is the president and founder of The Barney Family Historical Association (BFHA) and edits and publishes their quarterly newsletter, "The Barney Family News." Cliff edited and co-authored the definitive compendium of Barney genealogy, "Genealogy of the Barney Family in America." - CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

Cliff has been interested in Barney family history since a young man and began gathering genealogical information early in his life. Since the advent of the internet and his arrival on it in the early 1990s, he has been vigorously pursuing that interest and helping others in search of their Barney forebears.

Cliff met Edna while he was at Annapolis and they have been married for more than forty-three years. After retirement from the Navy, the couple settled in northern Virginia, near to the Capital City, Washington. They are the ancestors of three sons and six grandchildren.

Midshipman W.C. Barney
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